Winery Chateau Khoury fom Lebanon

Winery Chateau Khoury fom Lebanon
Château Khoury is situated at an altitude of 1,300 m above sea level nea the town of Zahlé. Here you you have an amazing panoramic view over the entire Bekaa plain. Therfore it is one of the highest wineries of Lebanon enjoying plenty of snow in winter.
Domaine of Chateau Khoury
In the mid-1990s, Raymond El Khoury, a biologist, acquired together with his wife his Alsatian wife Brigitte a large piece of land that had been fallow for over 50 years. He was a true wine lover with the dream to cultivate the land with vines
In 1995, the first 15 hectares were planted and the grapes were sold to other winegrowers. In the year 2002 the construction of the winery started, it was finished in 2004, in time for the vinification of the first vintage.
Domaine and grapes of Chateau Khoury
Harvest in Lebanon
Depsite the fact that half of their harvest of that year was lost due to hailstorms, they still managed to fill 25,000 bottles with wines made from the yield of the remaining grapes - and since than the Khourys made a veritable vertical start with their wines.
Jean-Paul El Khoury returned to his parents' winery as the oenologist in 2005. He studied three years in Alsace and two years in Reims. For him it is important to return the favours to the soil which gives you grapes for excellent wines. So he values pruning the vines and fertilizing the soil with its won trester
Jean-Paul Khoury
Cellar of Chateau Khoury title=
The family likes to work as organic as possible and close to nature. Their hot water is produced by solar energy. Waste water is beeing recycled the cellar for the watering of plants during extremely dry periods. Garbage is strictly separated and plastic avoided.
Of course they family favours Alsatian varieties such as Chardonnay Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir, which are rather unusual for Lebanon but growing suprisingly magnificently.
Vines & Vineyards
Wine cellar
Furthermore, Madame Brigitte's fruit trees are also used to distil various eaux de vie, including cherry and plum water. There is also an homemade arak made from fermented wine of the autochthonous grape variety Obeidi.
Chateau Khoury
WIne tour to Chateau Khoury
Vineyards of Chateau Khoury
Bottles of Chateau Khoury

Pinot Gris 2011 of Chateau Khoury from the Lebanon
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Pinot Gris 2011


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A pale, yellow color, with green highlights. This extraordinary Pinot Gris realeases a floral scent with a hint of flint.The palate is fresh with mineral note sand subtle hints of salty and iodized water.