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Beqaa Valley White 2018


0,75L (18,00 € pro Liter)

Beqaa Valley White 2018 has a pale yellow color with green reflections. Fresh in the nose with aromas of peach, citrus and nuts. Fruity and harmonious on the palate with notes of almonds and a well-balanced acidity. A refreshing and crisp white wine, which is easy to drink and rich in minerals.

Cuvee Lamartine 2008 of Chateau Cana from the Lebanon
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Cuvee Lamartine 2010


0,75L (26,00 € pro Liter)

Ruby-red colors and bright sparkles. Inspired by the sun, it is a dense and deep wine that has its special perfume. In the Nose aromas of thyme, rosemary and the sharp scent of the resin of the adjacent pine trees. An intensive spicy taste with hints of wide and ripe berries. The Aromas have an exceptional length.

Jeune Red 2016 of Chateau Musar from the Lebanon

Jeune Red 2020


0,75L (21,20 € pro Liter)

Jeune Red is impulsive and vivid on the nose with scents of blackcurrants, red berries, cherries, preserved plums, blueberries and hints of violets. Intense, spicy and fruity on the palate with charming flavors of cinnamon, sour cherries, dark fruits, nutmeg and winter spices. The finish is velvety and persistent.

Musar Jeune 2018 Rose 0,75L - Chateau Musar of Chateau Musar from the Lebanon

Jeune Rose 2019


0,75L (21,20 € pro Liter)

A bright salmon pink color. On the nose an intense and fruity bouquet, marked with aromas of peaches and pears. On the palate flavors of quince, apples and Seville orange marmalade with a smooth tannin. The finish develops impressions of cranberries with a balanced acidity. A very fresh and accessible wine from Chateau Musar

Arak Touma Extra Muatag


0,75L (48,00 € pro Liter)

Arak Touma Extra Muatag (0,75L) is one of the most famous Lebanese eaux-de-vie made from grapes, which is fused with fresh green aniseed during the last distillation. Arak Touma Extra has been produced by the Touma family in Kab Elias since 1888 and is bottled in a nostalgically slim bottle. Connoisseurs and countrymen often call this schnapps the king of arak. The Arak Touma is triple distilled and has a light sweetness and a fresh finish.

Syrah 2012 of Batroun Mountains from the Lebanon

Syrah 2012


0,75L (52,00 € pro Liter)

Very deep and intense dark color with intense purple tints typical from a Syrah. The nose shows great complexity with dried fruits, spices, tobacco, caramel, smoked meat and gun powder (pierre à fusil) notes. The mouth is complex with incredible structure intensity, finishing on the fruit and a pleasant acidity.

Les Coteaux 2016 of Chateau Kefraya from Lebanon

Les Coteaux 2016


0,75L (22,67 € pro Liter)

Purple red colour with silver reflections. Impulsive, complex and powerful on the nose with a smoky and spicy aroma of dark fruit, roasted coffee, dark chocolate underlined by hints of red fruit, licorice  white pepper and cloves. Full-bodied and intense on the palate with elegant aromas of dark fruit, chocolate and a hint of cloves. 

Arak Adonis from Lebanon

Arak Adonis


0,50L (68,00 € pro Liter)

Arak Adonis (0.5L) is a smooth and aromatic arak from Lebanon. In addition, this Lebanese arak is grown organically. Therefore, Arak Adonis is of the best Brandys of the orient! Especially because of the high quality of the grapes and elaborate production. Thus the aromas and taste of licorice and herbs is both impulsive and gentle reflecting the diversity of the soil.

Prestige 2009 of Batroun Mountains from the Lebanon

Prestige 2009


0,75L (65,33 € pro Liter)

Dark and intense color with purple tints, slightly opaque from the no fining and no filtration process. Nose from a ripe Cabernet Sauvignon, with overtones of prunes, blackberry jam, cherries in brandy, combined with aromas from the barrel aging such as coffee liquor, licorice and mocha. In the mouth, the clean attack is quickly followed by a nice roundness and concentrated velvety tannins.

Arak Blanka


1,00L (94,00 € pro Liter)

Arak Blanka, a premium artisanal Lebanese anise schnapps, captivates with its harmonious taste. Crafted from a unique blend of Merwah and Obeidi grapes, and infused with exquisite Heena Aniseed, it delivers a delightful and complex flavor profile. The tradition of using a copper steel distiller ensures the highest quality. Experience the magic of Arak Blanka, a Lebanese masterpiece of taste in every drop, which is available in three in three different editions (Brown, Green and Blue)

Blanc de Baal 2016 of Domaine de Baal from the Lebanon

Blanc de Baal 2019


0,75L (46,67 € pro Liter)

A fresh, organic and full-bodied wine with a straw yellow colour. A fresh floral bouquet with striking vanilla and citrus aromas in the nose. Crisp and a soft touch of acidity on the palate with a dominant taste of goosberry combined with aromas of green apples and pear.

Blanc de Blancs 2016 of Chateau Fakra from the Lebanon
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Blanc de Blancs 2018


0,75L (19,87 € pro Liter)

A gold-yellow colour with green reflections. This dry and exotic wine is well-balanced and develops an autstanding and finesse honey aroma with hints of acacia and cedar.

Cloud Nine 2012 of Karam Winery from the Lebanon
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Cloud Nine 2012


0,75L (12,80 € pro Liter)

This crisp white wine has a pale yellow colour with green reflections and an aromatic bouquet of passion fruits, green apples, pineapples and grapefruits. The palate ist crisp, fullbodied and well-balanced, which turns into a long finish with a alively acidity, minerals and great depth.

Arak de Kefraya

Arak de Kefraya


0,75L (43,33 € pro Liter)

Arak de Kefraya (0,75L) is the result of modern distillation methods from France and the old Lebanese brandy tradition. This arak is produced by one of the most famous wineries in Lebanon and is distilled three times to obtain a clear liquid. It is then immediately mixed with aniseed from Syria, which is known to be the best in the world, before seeing and distilled a fourth and last time. A very modern and clear Arak best suited for beginners... 

Reserve du Couvent 2013 of Chateau Ksara from the Lebanon
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Reserve du Couvent 2018


0,75L (15,87 € pro Liter)

This well-balanced wine with a ruby-red colour reveals finesse and elegance with its intensive woody mint and vanilla aroma in the nose. Supple, pure and round tannins on the palate, which turn into an long-enduring, full-bodied finish.

Altitudes 2014 of Ixsir from the Lebanon

Altitudes White 2014


0,75L (19,33 € pro Liter)

A golden glittering robe. On the nose an exquisite bouquet of floral aromas with hints of Muscat and notes of grapefruit. This floral and fruity blend translates into a balanced and sharp palate hinted with spicy undertones. A soft touch of acidity gives the wine a pleasant freshnes.

Sunset 2017 of Chateau Ksara from the Lebanon

Sunset 2020


0,75L (14,53 € pro Liter)

A powerful and robust rosè wine with an salmon pink colour. Fruity with hints of ripe strawberries in the nose and round with a spicy and fresh aroma of red berries in the mouth. The finish has a long and vivid taste.

EL 2009 of Ixsir from the Lebanon

EL Red 2009


0,75L (185,33 € pro Liter)

Good color and a subtle nuanced nose of ripe blackberries with a hint of spice. In the mouth there is an instant lushness, backed up with a wonderful freshness. It has an elegant structure and a finish that is powerful, sustained and balanced. Despite its youth, it’s already a pleasurable experience to taste. It triumphs with a seductive combination of classicism and hedonism.

Rouge de Ceptura 2012 of Davino from Romania
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Rouge de Ceptura 2012


0,75L (32,67 € pro Liter)

A strong red wine with a ruby red color, which develops a scent of wild berries in the nose. Well-structured and full-bodied on the palate with aromas of blackberries and other dark fruits.

Rouge 2012 of Ceptura from Romania
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Rouge 2012


0,75L (15,87 € pro Liter)

In the nose a complex, intense and persistent, sour cherry, green pepper, oak wood and coffee touches. On the Plate ample and steady, with a long slope that covers all sensorial levels, well balanched and armoniously structured, persistent final.

Chateau Cana  Jardin Secret 2014 from Lebanon

Jardin Secret 2014


0,75L (32,67 € pro Liter)

The color gets organized on a deep red with some purple reflections, the nose opens on spicy dominants of licorice, blackcurrant, and a touch of violet and vanilla. The pallete is animalic, ample and elegant with very well structured and balanced fruit aromas.

Obeidy 2013 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon
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Obeidy 2013

€13.45 -30% €9.41

0,75L (14,93 € pro Liter)

Very light color. Citrus fruits with mineral floral notes in nose with hint of sweet spices and white peach aromas. Refreshing, well balanced acidity with citrus notes in the ends. This wine was part of the lebanese mosaic project, which was developed to preserve indigenous grapes.

Loureiro 2016 of Quinta de Gomariz from Portugal
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Loureiro 2016


0,75L (9,57 € pro Liter)

Light straw yellow colour. The fresh on the nose with aromas of citrus fruits, gooseberries and tropical fruits (grapefruit), complemented by a floral and spicy note of laurel. Its taste is fruity, very refreshing and balanced.

Beqaa Valley Red 2018 from Domaine Wardy of Lebanon I Bekaa Valley

Beqaa Valley Red 2018


0,75L (16,00 € pro Liter)

Beqaa Valley Red 2018 is an honest and well-structured wine with a vivid dark red color. Fruity on the nose with a spicy and mineral scent of raisins and ripe fruit. Charming and juicy on the palate with smooth tannins and an intense dark cherry flavors as well as a long finish.

Blanc de Blancs of Chateau Heritage from the Lebanon
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Blanc de Blancs 2014


0,75L (8,21 € pro Liter)

This wine has a pale yellow color with silver reflections. Intense aromas of lemon, pineapple and exotic fruits on the nose. The palate is fresh, elegant, lively and full-bodied.

EL White 2012 of Ixsir from the Lebanon
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EL White 2015


0,75L (65,33 € pro Liter)

Limpid clear yellow color with golden touches. Elegant and delicate in the nose with scents of flowers, white-fleshed fruits. Full-bodies on the palate with aromas of infused fruits, plants and spices, underpinned by a subtle complexity.

Antani 2013 of La Tognazza from Italy
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Antani 2013


0,75L (20,67 € pro Liter)

This fruity wine has a deep and strong ruby red color. Elegant and spicy in the nose with and intense scent of ripe dark fruits. Full-bodied and well-structured on the palate with a strong aroma of red fruits accompanied by a subtle and harmonizing hint of vanilla.

Obeideh 2014 of Domaine Wardy from the Lebanon

Obeideh 2014


0,75L (32,00 € pro Liter)

Pale yellow color with a green hue. Great Minerals in the nose with a scent of buxus and lemon. Fresh and harmoniuous on the palate well-balanced hints of brioche, which later turn into subtle smokes notes in the finish.

Cap Est 2013 of Massaya from the Lebanon
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Cap Est 2013


0,75L (38,67 € pro Liter)

Pale ruby in colour. Harmonic in the nose with a subtl scent of violets and ripe red berry fruits. Fruity on the palate with an seductive velvety elegance underlined by an attractive weave of fine tannins, highlighting the minerality, oak and fruit aromas.

Chateau Qanafar 2009 of Chateau Qanafar from the Lebanon

Chateau Qanafar 2009


0,75L (105,32 € pro Liter)

Deep ruby red colour. A fruity bouquet of spices and blackberry in the nose. Powerful and complex on the palate with well-balanced aromas of ripe red fruits, oak and vanilla.

Les Breteches Rosé of Chateau Kefraya from the Lebanon

Les Breteches Rosé 2020


0,75L (17,20 € pro Liter)

This is a fresh and charmin rose wine. On the nose aroma of red fruits, peach and grape fruits. Citrus on the pallete with subtle aromas of forest berries and exotic fruits.

Gold Reserve 2010 of Massaya from the Lebanon

Gold Reserve 2010


0,75L (185,33 € pro Liter)

Dense purple red colour with garnet red reflections. An intense bouquet of dark fruits in the nose accompanied by clear scents of cinnamon and under-wood. Full-bodied, subtle tanninson the palate with powerful aromas of warm figs, licorice and sandalwood. An elegant wine with an impressiv long finish

Rose 2016 of Massaya from the Lebanon

Rose 2018


0,75L (26,00 € pro Liter)

This summery rosé wine has a soft strawberry colour. Fresh and floral in the nose with a sublte scent of wild red berries. Full-bodies, fresh and creamy on the palate with spicey and fruity aromas of wild forest berries.

Columbier 2013 of Massaya from the Lebanon

Le Columbier 2018


0,75L (24,67 € pro Liter)

Dense amd deep ruby red colour. Fruity and spicey in the nose with a sweet scent of raspberries. Subtle, soft and smooth on the palate with lovely aromas of juicy berries and sweet cherries turning into a long-lasting and fruity finish. The acidity and tannin are fully-integrated, which makes this wine dangerouly smooth and easy-drinkable.

Atibaia 2012 of Atibaia from the Lebanon

Atibaia 2012


0,75L (92,00 € pro Liter)

Intense and deep dark red color. Spicy oak , nice depth with complex notes of Havana Tobacco and cedars oak. Let it breath for few minutes and you will discover a very concentrate bouquet of red fruits. Large, powerful tannins, warm and concentrated wine with hints of cinnamon and cloves. 

Atibaia 2011 of Atibaia from the Lebanon

Atibaia 2011


0,75L (92,00 € pro Liter)

Intense, bright and deep red color. So fresh and berry aromas. Sweet red berries and spiciness, with wild ripe berries and cocoa notes on the palate. Long and beau ful tannins with a very balanced acidity.

Talliya 2013 of Chateau Barka from the Lebanon

Talliya 2014


0,75L (21,33 € pro Liter)

Dark red colour with single orange reflections. Minerals und fruity on the nose with a harmonic scent of dark berries. Fresh, well-structures and elegant on the palate with an impulsive aroma of ripe red fruits and a nice present as well a well-balanced touch of acidity.

Atargatis 2019 of Chateau Barka from the Lebanon

Atargatis 2020


0,75L (18,67 € pro Liter)

Clear and bright yellow colour. Floral on the nose with an intensice and fresh scent of white fruits. Smooth, easy and refreshing on the palate with an impressive taste of exotic fruits undermindes by a well-balanced but notable acidity.