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Atargatis 2019 of Chateau Barka from the Lebanon

Atargatis 2019


(18,67 € pro Liter)

Clear and bright yellow colour. Floral on the nose with an intensice and fresh scent of white fruits. Smooth, easy and refreshing on the palate with an impressive taste of exotic fruits undermindes by a well-balanced but notable acidity.

Jeune White 2018 of Chateau Musar from the Lebanon

Jeune White 2019


(21,20 € pro Liter)

Pale lemon in colour with fruity and herby aromas – of apricots, white peaches, pears, honeysuckle and elderflower. The grapes were very fragrant and vibrant in 2013 which has resulted in an aromatic wine with a hint of nuttiness on the rich, textured palate with gentle acidity and a peachy finish.

Les Cabires 2018 of Chateau Cana from the Lebanon

Les Cabires 2018


Fresh candy like and sober, this wine presents a unique character. It reveals a beautiful straw-colored shade with golden reflections. The nose offers complex and intense aromas of quince and notes of fresh fruit, such as pear. The attack in mouth is round, fat and very smooth. The finale is very meaning by its aromatic power and its fat.

Blanc de Baal 2016 of Domaine de Baal from the Lebanon

Blanc de Baal 2018


(46,67 € pro Liter)

A fresh, organic and full-bodied wine with a straw yellow colour. A fresh floral bouquet with striking vanilla and citrus aromas in the nose. Crisp and a soft touch of acidity on the palate with a dominant taste of goosberry combined with aromas of green apples and pear.

Sauvignon Blanc 2016 of Domaine Wardy from the Lebanon
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Sauvignon Blanc 2016

€15.13 -20% €12.10

(19,20 € pro Liter)

Bright yellow color with green reflections. A floral bouquet combined with exotic scents of guava, pomelo and citrus in the nose. Crisp and intensive on the palate, which develops a fruity aroma combination of pineapples and nectarines with an enduring taste on the finish.

Obeideh 2014 of Domaine Wardy from the Lebanon

Obeideh 2014


(32,00 € pro Liter)

Pale yellow color with a green hue. Great Minerals in the nose with a scent of buxus and lemon. Fresh and harmoniuous on the palate well-balanced hints of brioche, which later turn into subtle smokes notes in the finish.

Blanc de Blancs 2017 of Chateau Ksara from the Lebanon

Blanc de Blancs 2020


(13,20 € pro Liter)

An ideal summer wine with a golden glittering robe. Fruity, harmonious and spicy with a bouquet of mangos, pineapple and citrus in the nose. Fruity and herbal on the palate with a well-balanced hint of wood and herbs.

Blanc du Clos of Coteaux du Liban from the Lebanon

Blanc du Clos 2018


(18,53 € pro Liter)

Blanc du clos is a A light and refreshing white wine with a light golden color. first it develops explosive aromas in the nose. Then it releases an aromatic scent of white ripe fruits. And the palate is hones honest and uncomplicated. And this debilste the fact that the wine has had oak. Therefore the this wine surprises with lightness and an intense flavor of exotic fruits such as pineapple.

Les Gourmets 2015 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon
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Les Gourmets White 2017


(11,33 € pro Liter)

This fresh white wine has a bright green-yellow colour and is rich in minerals. An intensiv scent of pears, tea leaves, lemons and lime in the nose. Fresh and aromatic on the palate with a well-balanced acidity and a round (slightly sweet) finish.

Obeidy 2013 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon
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Obeidy 2013

€13.45 -30% €9.41

(14,93 € pro Liter)

Very light color. Citrus fruits with mineral floral notes in nose with hint of sweet spices and white peach aromas. Refreshing, well balanced acidity with citrus notes in the ends. This wine was part of the lebanese mosaic project, which was developed to preserve indigenous grapes.

Grande Reserve 2012 of Ixsir from the Lebanon

Grande Reserve White 2012


(32,00 € pro Liter)

The eye is seduced by its pure golden hue. The nose is enticed by an explosion of white flowers, peach and citrus fruits. The palate is enthralled by a nice equilibrium between mellowness and liveliness that leaves a final, equally wooden taste, which gives the wine a highly distinctive character.

EL White 2012 of Ixsir from the Lebanon

EL White 2015


(65,33 € pro Liter)

Limpid clear yellow color with golden touches. Elegant and delicate in the nose with scents of flowers, white-fleshed fruits. Full-bodies on the palate with aromas of infused fruits, plants and spices, underpinned by a subtle complexity.

Seven 2013 of Batroun Mountains from the Lebanon
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Seven 2013

€14.29 -35% €9.29

(14,73 € pro Liter)

Brilliant pale color with a green tint. This is a blend of seven grapes, it delivers a superb complexity and a wide range of aromas, a very intense nose of fruit, floral and greeny aromas of peach, guava, acacia, citrus, green pepper, mango, gooseberries. The Palate is fresh and crispy with a nice roundness in the mouth. The finish has a great intensity on the fruit and ends with citrus and herbal flavors.

Chardonnay 2012 of Batroun Mountains from the Lebanon
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Chardonnay 2012

€13.45 -35% €8.74

(13,87 € pro Liter)

Pale gold hue color. Powerful and expressive nose of cooked peaches, dried apricots, butter, bread toasts, and Magnolia. Excellent body with mineral freshness and robust flavors emerging across the palate. It evolves ‘sur une plus grande amplitude’ with aeration, gaining tropical fruits and mineral notes from the terroir with a stunning intensity and aromatic persistency.

Blanc de Blancs 2016 of Chateau Fakra from the Lebanon

Blanc de Blancs 2018


(19,87 € pro Liter)

A gold-yellow colour with green reflections. This dry and exotic wine is well-balanced and develops an autstanding and finesse honey aroma with hints of acacia and cedar.

Blanc 2012 of Domaine Bargylus from Syria

Blanc 2014


(39,67 € pro Liter)

Shining yellow color with green reflections. A distinct Bouquet of lime, mint and minerals in the nose. Fresh, fruity and full-bodied on the palate with a well-balanced acidity and a long finish.

Gans Weiss 2016 Weiss 0,75 - Giess-Düppel of Gies-Düppel from Germany

Gans Weiss 2016


(17,78 € pro Liter)

Golden yellow colour. Flowery and charming on the nose with a scent of white fruits. Fruity and elegant on the palate with a nice minerality, roasted aromas, and a well-integrated nuttiness and a long lasting finish.

Weisser Burgunder Birkweiler Mandelberg 2016 Weiss 0,75 - Gies-Düppel of Gies-Düppel from Germany
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Weisser Burgunder Mandelberg 2016


(23,25 € pro Liter)

A fabulous and lively Pinot Blanc with an exotic scent of fully ripe stone fruit. Nutty and mineral on the palate, while this wine develops a full-bodied fruity note with a long-lasting melt on the finish.

Revelatio 2012 of Davino from Romania
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Revelatio 2012


(31,20 € pro Liter)

Bright yellow color with green reflections. Floral in the nose with notes of grapefruit, white flowers, passion fruit and spicy, cooked walnuts. Expressive and soft on the palate with full-bodied aromas white fruits.

Blanc de Ceptura 2015 of Davino from Romania

Blanc de Ceptura 2015


(29,20 € pro Liter)

Limpid-crystalline, yellowish-green in colour, Domain Ceptura Blanc is a floral, fructuous wine with blue berries and elder tree flowers nuances, light mineral touches and persistent nose. Its taste is fresh, well-balanced, generous, refined but ample and expressive, with a long after-taste.

Blanc 2011 of Ceptura from Romania
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Blanc 2011


(15,87 € pro Liter)

In the nose Specific for the variety, intense and persistent, white flowers and light mineral touches, persistent. On the Plate Fresh, fruity, well balanced, delicate but ample, extractive and persistent.

Chardonnay 2011 of Anima from Romania
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Chardonnay 2011


(18,53 € pro Liter)

Creamy with intense flavors of tropical fruits, pear and yellow melon, well integrated by the oak an vanilla hints. Full bodied and velvety, well balanced acidity, this wine impresses with lovely nose and long aftertaste.

Alb de Ceptura 2015 of Faurar from Romania

Alb de Ceptura 2015


(10,94 € pro Liter)

An elegant and floral wine with an expressive scent of grapefruit, pineapple, yeast and white winesrequires. The palate is fresh and fruity with hints of minerals.

Tapioco 2015 of La Tognazza from Italy

Tapioco 2018


(20,67 € pro Liter)

This exotic and fruity wine has a golden yellow color. A rich and intense bouquet of ripe white fruits and flowers in the nose. Fresh and well-balanced on the palate with ethereal aromas of peach and banana accompanied with a spicy hint of vanilla.

69 2015 of La Tognazza from Italy

69 2015


(39,87 € pro Liter)

Yellow color with golden reflections. Intense, full-bodied and vivid in the nose with elegant aromas of citrus, honey, vanilla, white flowers and fruits. Well-structured and smooth on the palate with long-lasting fruity aromas and balsamic hints of vanilla and spices. The finish is long, round and accompanied by subtle and well-integrated acidity.

Sauvignon Blanc 2013 of Fiuza & Bright from Portugal
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Sauvignon Blanc 2013


(10,40 € pro Liter)

Citrus colour with green reflections. Vegetative aroma on the nose with notes of tropical fruits, slightly peppery. The taste is very fruity and refreshing.

Branco 2012 of Herdade da Comporta from Portugal
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Branco 2012


(12,31 € pro Liter)

Slightly salty on the nose with aromas of citrus fruits. Very refreshing on the palate with a fine notes of citrus and minerals on the finish.

Alvarinho 2015 of Quinta de Alderiz from Portugal
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Alvarinho 2015


(16,41 € pro Liter)

Fine aroma of citrus fruits and orange blossom on the nose. Melty and freshness on the palate complemented by a fine mineral note. Very balanced and harmonious.

Aldoraz 2012 of Quinta de Alderiz from Portugal
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Aldoraz 2012


(8,62 € pro Liter)

Straw yellow color. Fruity and floral aroma on the nose with reminiscent of apple and citrus fruits as well as white flowers. Fruity in the palate with it notes of mineral and a fine finish.

Alvarinho 2014 of Quinta de Gomariz from Portugal
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Alvarinho 2014

€8.62 -30% €6.03

(9,57 € pro Liter)

This Alvarinho has a straw yellow colour with green reflections. The aromas of citrus fruits, orange blossom and honey on the nose. Creamy and balanced on the palate with a fine mineral note on the finish.

Grande Escolha 2012 of Quinta de Gomariz from Portugal
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Grande Escolha 2012


(9,57 € pro Liter)

Citrus color with fine pearl. Fruity on the nose aromas of citrus fruits and flowery nuances from the Alvarinho grape. Mild and persistent in taste with an exceptional freshness.