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Rose 2016 of Massaya from the Lebanon

Rose 2016


(26,67 € pro Liter)

This summery rosé wine has a soft strawberry colour. Fresh and floral in the nose with a sublte scent of wild red berries. Full-bodies, fresh and creamy on the palate with spicey and fruity aromas of wild forest berries.

Tanit 2019


(20,00 € pro Liter)

Intensive shining salmon colour. A refreshing and aromatic rose with a floral nose and a sweet scent (candy-like) of red fruits such as straw- & rasberries. Extotic, refreshing and fruity on the palate with an intensive taste of sweet cherries and cassis followed by a harmonic and well-balanced acidity.

Rose du Printemps 2016 of Domaine Wardy from the Lebanon
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Rose du Printemps 2016

€16.00 -10% €14.40

(19,20 € pro Liter)

A fruity and fresh rosè wine with a bright and pale salmon pink colour. Explicit flavors of strawberries, cherries and caramel in the nose. Creamy, fresh and a lovely acitity on the palate with intensive notes of raspberry and peach.

Sunset 2017 of Chateau Ksara from the Lebanon

Sunset 2017

€14.00 -30% €9.80

(13,07 € pro Liter)

A powerful and robust rosè wine with an salmon pink colour. Fruity with hints of ripe strawberries in the nose and round with a spicy and fresh aroma of red berries in the mouth. The finish has a long and vivid taste.

Rose Desir 2016 of Coteaux du Liban from the Lebanon

Rose Desir 2016


(16,00 € pro Liter)

Rosé Désir is issued from a blend grape-variety of Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault and Grenache, hand-picked from clay and limestone slopes of the Bekaa valley. With a salmon-pink color and an intense floral aroma, it is successfully served with grilled and Lebanese mezzes.

Les Breteches Rosé 2014 of Chateau Kefraya from the Lebanon
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Les Breteches Rosé 2018


(21,33 € pro Liter)

This is a fresh and charmin rose wine. On the nose aroma of red fruits, peach and grape fruits. Citrus on the pallete with subtle aromas of forest berries and exotic fruits.

Les Gourmets 2017 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon

Les Gourmets Rose 2017


(10,67 € pro Liter)

This summerly rosé wine has a bright salmon-pink colour and a very stron personality. The nose is fruity and reveals a seductive bouquet of sweet straw- and raspberries. Fresh and smooth on the palate with spicy aromas of red fruits and a juicy finish.

Rose 2013 of Domaine des Tourelles from the Lebanon
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Domaine des Tourelles Rose 2013


(13,33 € pro Liter)

This summerly rosé wine has a intensive rose colour with orange highlights. In the nose an explosive bouquet of wild berries and tropical fruits. Creamy, but fresh on the palate with distinct aromas of summer beeries, notes of brandied cherries and an elegant finish.

La Fleur 2016 of Chateau Fakra from the Lebanon

La Fleur 2016


(15,47 € pro Liter)

A pink salmon colour. Very aromatic with intense aromas of exotic fruits in the nose. Fresh, fruity and lovely with a subtly acidity on the palate.

Guerrouane Rose 2015 of Domaine Sahari from Morocco
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Guerrouane Rose 2015


(11,70 € pro Liter)

A fruity wine with a pale samlon pink colour. Spicey on the nose with scents of cranberries. Well-balanced and round on the palate with spicey aromas of raspberries and cherries.

Domaine Ceptura 2012 of Davino from Romania

Domaine Ceptura 2012


(23,26 € pro Liter)

Limpede-cristalin rose Colour. Fruity and minerals in the nose. Expressiv and fruity on the palate with aromas of red berries and cherries.

Rose 2012 of Ceptura from Romania
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Rose 2012


(15,47 € pro Liter)

In the nose Fructuous, ripped berries touches, especially raspberry and strawberry, persistent. On the Plate Fresh, well balanced and structured, ample round, persistent.

Rose 2012 of Herdade da Comporta from Portugal
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Rose 2012


(10,27 € pro Liter)

Dark red colour. Delicate on the nose with aroma of raspberries and ice candies. Very juicy and intense on the palate with aromas of red berries and refreshing finish.

Rose 2013 of Herdade Grande from Portugal
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Rose 2013


(9,33 € pro Liter)

Dark rosé colour with fresh aroma of red fruits on the nose. Its taste is fruity but dry and very refreshing.

Espadeiro 2014 of Quinta de Gomariz from Portugal
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Espadeiro 2014

€8.00 -45% €4.40

(5,87 € pro Liter)

Light pink colour with a fine pearl. Tropical and floral on the nose with aromas of strawberries, passion fruit and guava. Rrefreshing, it has a good structure on the palate with a long finish.

Les Cabires 2018 of Chateau Cana from the Lebanon

Les Cabires 2018


(16,00 € pro Liter)

Offspring of the Cinsault and Syrah happy marriage, it is a young, lively and active wine. It has a strawberry color, a nose full of freshness dominated by flower notes, hony melon and red fruits. The mouth is greedy and fruity.

Altitudes 2015 of Ixsir from the Lebanon

Altitudes Rose 2018


(20,00 € pro Liter)

Bright, luminous rosé. In the nose restrained notes of red fruits, gooseberries and vine leaves. Charming, fruity, crisp and delicious on the palate. The dry start is followed by nuances of red fruits. Well-integrated acidity provides play and a good structure. An animating, juicy rosé that goes perfectly with barbecue.

Solac 2017 of Latourba from the Lebanon

Solac 2017


(25,33 € pro Liter)

Light pink. Fruity and aromatic in the nose with a bouquet of red fruits and rose petals. Crisp and elegant on the palate with aromas of strawberries, blackcurrants, liquorice and cherries, accompanied by a delicate yet lively acidity.

Chateau Kefraya  Myst Rosé 2016 of Chateau Kefraya from the Lebanon
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Myst Rosé 2018

€14.00 -10% €12.60

(16,80 € pro Liter)

Pastel pink with silver reflections. Fresh, exotic and intense on the nose with scents of red fruits, citrus, lychee, peach and red currant. This is followed by a complex bouquet of passion fruit and melons. Round, full-bodied and fresh on the palate with elegant aromas of exotic fruits, cherries, raspberries and blackcurrants.