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Chateau 2008 of Chateau Musar from the Lebanon

Chateau 2008


(86,67 € pro Liter)

Intense aromas of ripe blackberries, blueberries, plums and cherries in the nose. Full-bodied on the palate with aromas of berries and dark fruits. Well-balance - the youthful tannins are well integrated. The finish is ruity, spicy, exotic and masculine. An elegant wine with a lot of potential.

Cuvee Lamartine 2008 of Chateau Cana from the Lebanon

Cuvee Lamartine 2010


(26,00 € pro Liter)

Ruby-red colors and bright sparkles. Inspired by the sun, it is a dense and deep wine that has its special perfume. In the Nose aromas of thyme, rosemary and the sharp scent of the resin of the adjacent pine trees. An intensive spicy taste with hints of wide and ripe berries. The Aromas have an exceptional length.

Les Noces de Cana 2008 of Chateau Cana from the Lebanon

Les Noces de Cana 2008


(26,67 € pro Liter)

This strong and robust wine has a dark red color. The nose is intense and embraces scents of cherries, plums and resins. The pallet is complex and develops well-balanced aromas of candied and dark fruits with hints of Mon Chéri and vanilla. The finish is round and enduring.

Chateau 2008 of Chateau Ksara from the Lebanon

Chateau Ksara 2008


(48,00 € pro Liter)

Ruby red colour. This charming wine has an woody scent of plums, haws and dried fruits with hints of soil and tabacco in the nose. Round, herbal and well-balanced on the palate with spicy aromas of plums, currants and cedars wood.

Comte de M 2008 of Chateau Kefraya from the Lebanon

Comte de M 2008


(97,33 € pro Liter)

A dark cherry colour. This dry, full-bodied and fruity wine has complex and intense aromas of vanilla, cooked fruits, cacao, tabacco and wood on the nose. The palate of this wine is pure, harmonic,well-belanced and round with aromas combining fruits, coffee and spices. The wines refreshing acidity, fleshy tannins, and broad texture precede a long finish.

Aurora 2008 of Chateau Aurora from the Lebanon

Aurora 2008


(39,33 € pro Liter)

This wine has a dense purple colour. Exquisite aromas of black fruits, plums, straberries, cinnamon, vanilla and butter in the nose. Complex and full-bodied on the palate with a long minty finish.

Chateau 2011 of Chateau Musar from the Lebanon
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Chateau 2011


(86,67 € pro Liter)

An elegant wine with a firm bite and gripping ripe tannins. Fruity and balsamic in the nose with a scent of cherries and red fruits. Fiery on the palate with delicate aromas of dark fruits. 

Millesima Cuvee Alpha ∞ of Chateau Kefraya from the Lebanon

Millesima Cuvee Alpha ∞


(52,67 € pro Liter)

This exceptional red wine has a ruby red colour with light tile tones and is composed of 7 different vintages from the Chateaus. Complex and intense on the nose with a bouquet of cedar wood, game, steamed red fruits, cold tobacco, rosewood, incense combines with hints of forest vegetation. Lively and complex on the palate with a spicy taste of sandalwood, milk caramel and black truffle. Eventually this wines evolves smooth and elegant aromas of of tapenade, old Comté, oriental spices and aromas of souk are revealed. A real challenge...