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El Rif

Arak El Rif - Blue Label Select Reserve


0,70L (49,29 € pro Liter)

One of the oldest araq (arak) varieties in the Arab world, which has been produced and improved by Michel El Khazen since 1828. The world-famous arak is not only a high quality aniseed schnapps but also unique in its production because it is made by special distillation techniques. In addition, the schnapps is stored for three years in a supernaturally large cistern of clay to allow the arak to mature at its best. It is a legendary and secret recipe, which guarantees the success through the distillation and innovative maturation techniques.

Arak El Rif Red Label Premium Reserve


0,70L (84,29 € pro Liter)

Arak El Rif Red Label Premium Reserve is one of the most unique araks from Lebanon. A very special Lebanese anise schnapps with an elegant bouquet of fennel, licorice as well as forest herbs. On the palate this arak is round, velvety and smooth with nuances of forest herbs and licorice. Since the alcohol is barely noticeable, this drink seems to be also very refreshing and quaffable. In addition, this variety was produced according to the old recipe from the famous family El Khazen, which already distilled Araks since 1828. Today it is the fifth generation which produces, improves and develops Arak by innovative techniques. An absolute must for arak lovers!

Arak El Rif Green Label Special Reserve


0,70L (70,00 € pro Liter)

Arak El Rif Green Label Special Reserve is one of the oldest and most unique arak of the Orient. A brandy perfected through tradition but also a lot of innovation. A high quality and round anise schnapps with gentle aromas of licorice, mint and fennel. Fresh and aromatic without revealing too much alcohol. Just the perfect combination of aromas perfecting this high quality anise schnapps. The harmony is the result of a unique distillation technique and the innovative storage in supernaturally large clay jars. The legendary recipe, which guarantees the success and quality of this drop, was, is and will always be passed on and preserved to the next generation. A legendary arak and an absolute must for lovers.

Arak El Rif - Double Red Label Premium Select Reserve

Arak El Rif Double Red Label Traditional Reserve


0,70L (78,57 € pro Liter)

Arak El Rif Double Red Label Traditional Reserve is an authentic and aromatic anise spirit from Lebanon. Round and aromatic with gentle but fresh aromas of fennel, licorice and herbs. A truly flattering Lebanese arak, which most of the locals even call "baladi" meaning homemade.

Arak Abi Saada


Arak Abi Saada is one of the "insiders" in the world of araq and is the little brother of the world famous Arak El Rif   Special distillation techniques and modern ageing methods, such as oversized clay cisterns, enable the distillery to maintain the quality, taste and thus its fan base at all times. The smooth, balanced and harmonious taste will convince every arak freak.