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Winery Domaine de Baal from Lebanon

Winery Domaine de Baal from Lebanon
Sébastien Khoury, founder and owner of this elegant boutique winery Domaine de Baal, lived and studied winemaking in Bordeuax, where his father worked as a doctor. The young but already very successful winery works according to ecological criteria and produces only 25,000 bottles a year.
Sebastian Khoury from Domaine de Baal
He returned to Lebanon in 2006 after living in Saint-Emilion for several years - He was ready to create his own wines. Therefore he launched his brand, constructed his wine cellar and started to vinify his first grapes in the same year.
Fortunetly he started to plant his first vines on 12 hectars in 1994 already in order to be able to start on his return. The vineyards are on terraced areas at an altitude of 1200 metres above sea level giving visitory a fantastic panoramic view over the entire Bekaa valley.
Vineyards of Domaine de Baal from Lebanon
Vineyards of Domaine de Baal from Lebanon
The calcareous soils and direction towards the south enable the grapes to ripen under ideal climatic conditions, which are than harvested manually. Sebastian tries to keep natural cycles without interfering in the organic processes of wine growing.
The architecture is minimalist, yet well thought-through. The walls are made of cuboids as thick as a metre and the roof is covered with earth and planted with succulents in order toe develop and maintain a special microclimate, ideal for winemaking and fermentation.
Winery Domaine de Baal
Wine cellar of Domaine de Baal
He constructed a vaulted basement into the ground, which became the dellar for fermentation and the storage of his barriques. It maintains a temperature of 13 to 16 ºC and a humidity of 70-75% all year round.
Corck of Domaine de Baal
Domaine de Baal at night
Domaine de Baal White
Barriques of Domaine de Baal

Blanc de Baal 2016 of Domaine de Baal from the Lebanon

Blanc de Baal 2018


(45,33 € pro Liter)

A fresh, organic and full-bodied wine with a straw yellow colour. A fresh floral bouquet with striking vanilla and citrus aromas in the nose. Crisp and a soft touch of acidity on the palate with a dominant taste of goosberry combined with aromas of green apples and pear.

Rouge de Baal 2013 of Domaine de Baal from the Lebanon

Rouge de Baal 2013


(65,33 € pro Liter)

A round and full-bodied wine with a ruby red colour. Well-structured in the nose with explosiv aromas of blackberry, pepper, herbs, licorice and toast. Powerful and complex on the palate with notes of cassis, smoked meat and cloves. The finish is fuity and long with soft tannins.