Winery Massaya from Lebanon

Winery Massaya from Lebanon
Ramzi and Sami Ghosen founded and succesfully launched the top winery Massaya in partnership with Dominique Hébrard (co-owner of Château Cheval Blanc), Hubert de Boüard de Laforest (Château L'Angélus) and Daniel Brunier (Le Vieux Télégraphe/Châteauneuf-du-Pape) on 27 May 1998.
Domaine of Massaya
Their Father, Michael Ghosn, already bought land in the Bekaa Valley in the early 1970s. The beginning of the civil war in 1975, however, forced the family to leave the country letting their property in Tanaïl behind - a difficult step, especially for Sami and Ramzi, who were 6 and 8 years old at that time. Later, they worked successfully as architects and managers in the USA and France. They eventually forgot about their estate in Lebanon
But when Sami (left) visited lebanon in 1992 the idea to cultivate vines was reborn. He moved back to Lebanon, invested $300,000 in a distillery and started producing Arak. His younger brother Ramzi (right), then followed him to his homeland.
Ramzi & Sami Ghosn
Down and dusk in Libanon
In 1994, he suggested bottling the aniseed schnapps in a blue designer bottle calling it "Massaya", the Arabic word for dusk - the name was supposed to recall the incomparable and beautiful sund down in the Lebanon Mountains. The Arak immediately became a huge success thanks to its remarkable quality, traditional production and innovative bottle.
But Sami Ghosn's ambitions were even greater, since he wanted to make wine. Sami met Dominique Hébrard (then co-owner of the Château Cheval Blance in St.-Émilion, now Château Trianon) and was able to convince him to join his plans. Then two additional French partners joined the project.
Dominique Hébrard, Ramzi & Sami Ghosen
Winemaking and branding
On May 27. 1998 "Massaya", a French-Lebanese co-production, was officially presented to the public. The success was sustainable. They already had three different product lines (Classic, Selection and Reserve) with six different wines by 1999.
The white wines are easy to drink and have somewhat of an attractive feminine character, the pithy-masculine, long-lasting red wines have dreamlike aromas and are full of fruit. The top red wine, Gold Reserve, is a cuvée with a Bordeaux style, vinified from Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvèdre than aged for at least 9 months in barriques.
Wine bottles of Massaya
Vineyards of Massaya
The 40-hectare vineyard include the grape varieties Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Clairette and Chardonnay. The density is 4,000 vines/ha. Meanwhile 80% of the wines are exported, 45% to Europe, 15% to Great Britain and Ireland, 20% to the USA and Canada. And the remaining 15% to neighbouring Arab countries.
Around 12 million dollars have been invested into the winery since 1998. The goal of Sami and Ramzi Ghosn, however, is not to become as big as Ksara or Kefraya, but to produce outstanding wines that are sold in selected wine boutiques and restaurants worldwide. In Paris, for example, they can already be found in the wine cellars of famous hotels such as Ritz, Le Crillion and Georges V... Production is therefore limited to 500,000 bottles per year.
Winery Massaya
Products of Massaya
In addition to wine and arak they also produce exclusiv honey and olive oil under the name "Nay" (reed flute invented over 5,000 years agao and the oldest musical instrument in the world). Bboth products are produced by the company itself. Further Lebanese delicacies will to follow.
Restaurant Massaya
Wine cellar of Massaya
Products of Massaya
Lounge of Massaya
Outdoor Lounge of Massaya
Brainstorming of Massaya
Ramzi Ghosn of Massaya
Barrels of Massaya

Arak Massaya


0,63L (43,33 € pro Liter)

Arak Massaya (0,75) is an excellent arak from the renowned winery Massaya. This Lebanese arak is also known as the kings of all arak varieties. Furthermore, this brandy is made exclusively from the native Obeïdi grape. During the last distillation, high quality organic green anise is added. The traditional process with the use of copper distillates, which are heated by fragrant wood from vines turns Arak Massaya into a poem!

Blanc 2016 of Massaya from the Lebanon

Blanc 2019


0,63L (32,67 € pro Liter)

Fresh amd tropical in the nose with an exotic scent of fresh grapes, blossoms (lime, currant), pinapple and lemon syrup. Intensive and full-bodied on the palate with a smnooth and round taste of juicy lemons, lychee and a hint of ripe bananas.

Cap Est 2013 of Massaya from the Lebanon
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Cap Est 2013


0,63L (38,67 € pro Liter)

Pale ruby in colour. Harmonic in the nose with a subtl scent of violets and ripe red berry fruits. Fruity on the palate with an seductive velvety elegance underlined by an attractive weave of fine tannins, highlighting the minerality, oak and fruit aromas.

Gold Reserve 2010 of Massaya from the Lebanon

Gold Reserve 2010


0,63L (185,33 € pro Liter)

Dense purple red colour with garnet red reflections. An intense bouquet of dark fruits in the nose accompanied by clear scents of cinnamon and under-wood. Full-bodied, subtle tanninson the palate with powerful aromas of warm figs, licorice and sandalwood. An elegant wine with an impressiv long finish

Columbier 2013 of Massaya from the Lebanon

Le Columbier 2018


0,63L (24,67 € pro Liter)

Dense amd deep ruby red colour. Fruity and spicey in the nose with a sweet scent of raspberries. Subtle, soft and smooth on the palate with lovely aromas of juicy berries and sweet cherries turning into a long-lasting and fruity finish. The acidity and tannin are fully-integrated, which makes this wine dangerouly smooth and easy-drinkable.

Rose 2016 of Massaya from the Lebanon

Rose 2018


0,63L (26,00 € pro Liter)

This summery rosé wine has a soft strawberry colour. Fresh and floral in the nose with a sublte scent of wild red berries. Full-bodies, fresh and creamy on the palate with spicey and fruity aromas of wild forest berries.

Terrasse de Baalbek 2012 of Massaya from the Lebanon
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Terrasse de Baalbek 2018


0,63L (25,33 € pro Liter)

Pale ruby in colour. Harmonic in the nose with a subtl scent of violets and ripe red berry fruits. Fruity on the palate with an seductive velvety elegance underlined by an attractive weave of fine tannins, highlighting the minerality, oak and fruit aromas.