Winery Nakad from Lebanon

Winery Nakad from Lebanon
The winery of the Nakad family is one of the oldest of Lebanon and has been producing one of the most famous araks of the Orient. The history of the Château Nakad winery is first and foremost that of an old family. They have been planing vines for three generations in Bekaa valley and have combined passion and care into their soil, vines and grapes.
Joseph Nakad's wine quickly gained an outstanding reputation among French soldiers in 1923, during the mandate period in Lebanon. Thhere was a great demand for lively and fresh wines.
Family Nakad during french mandate
Joseph Makad from Lebanon
Later Joseph's son Salim took over his business, founded Château Nakad and established it as one of the most important wineries of Lebanon.
Today, Joseph's grandchildren continue the winemaking tradition and are guided by his father Salim. All of them are committed to consolidating the family company's brand both in Lebanon and on the international wine market.
Family of Chateau Nakad from Lebanon
Vineyards of Chateau Nakad from Lebanon
The winery is located near the villages of Jdita and Chtaura in the Bekaa Valley where the most fertile land in the region can be found. Ruins show us that wine was pressed here thousands of years ago during the Bronze Age .
The Nakad family currently produces red, rosé and white wines as well as a dessert wine. The estate also produces the traditional Lebanese aniseed schnapps Arak As-Samir. The latest product from Château Nakad is the handmade orange liqueur Afandello.
Production of Chateau Nakad from Lebanon
Amphores of Chateau Nakad from Lebanon
Grapes of Chateau Nakad from Lebanon
Grapes of Chateau Nakad from Lebanon
Instruction of Chateau Nakad from Lebanon

Arak As-Samir


0,70L (46,43 € pro Liter)

Arak As-Samir of Chateau Nakad is made from high quality grape alcohol. The winery is located in Jdita in the Bekaa Valley and is one of the oldest distilleries in the Orient. Like with all other arak green anis seed is fused with the alcohol during the last distillation. The arak then matures in clay jugs for two yeas in order to develop a particularly mild and fresh taste. An ideal companion to Lebanese mezze and Mediterranean dishes.

Chateau des Coteaux 2005 of Chateau Nakad from the Lebanon

Chateau des Coteaux 2005


0,75L (131,31 € pro Liter)

This wine is a perfect blend of the terroir, the vine, the barrels and the winemaker. A very dense deep red colour. A sweet scent of oriental spices with aromt of cooked dark fruits, cherries and plums on the nose. Full-bodied, intense and exquisitly spicy on the palate with a well-balanced aroma of bitter chocolate and dark fruits. The finish is cremy, juicy and long.