Winery Albrecht Schwegler from Baden-Württemberg

Winery Albrecht Schwegler from Baden-Württember
The fertile soil, a unique advantage, enables the Albrecht Schwegler winery to develop globally competitive top wines.
Family Schwegler
Family winery in the heart of the Rems valley. Since 1990 Andrea and Albrecht Schwegler have been vinifying red wine cuvées from the barrique.
Julia and Aaron Schwegler, the second generation, bring started to vinify white wines since 2009, which are also aged in barrique.
Julia & Aaron Schwegler
Aaron in the Vineyards
The try to stick to natural and organic porcesses in the vineyard and avoide the use of artificial fertilizers and conventional pesticides.
The vines are fed and enriched exclusively by organic material and by species-rich seeds.
Aaron and his vines
Wine cellar of Schwegle
They let their wines mature for a long time. The white wines remain in barriques for 12 months, the red wines up to 24 months.
They select the appropriate barrels from a variety of different types of wood and the degree of toasting depending on the vintage, grape variety and soil. They are alert and awar in order to adapt their processes in order to maintain the respective wine character. Therefore they use wood consistently in order to enrich the wines instead of perfuming them.
Wine tasting in the cellar
Julia & Aaron Schwegler
Aaron Schwegler with View
Albrecht Schwegler in the cellar
Aaron Schwegler in the cellar
Aaron Schwegler on the vineyard
Father & son