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Weingut Gies-Düppel from the Palatinate
A dynamic and small family-run winery in the middle of the Palatinate.
Volker Gies
Volker Gies has been running the family winery since 1999. His parents, father Franz Gies and mother Ulrike, born with the surname Düppel from Birkweiler, founded the winery on the Rosenberg in 1976. Especially since they both look back on many years of wine-growing tradition in their respective families.
Today, the winery cultivates about 20 hectares around Birkweiler, which consist of 38% is Riesling, 17% Pinot Noir, 15% of Pinot Blanc and 15% Pinot Gris. Therefore it clarly shows their emphasis focuse only produce upper quality lines of these four grape varieties.
Vineyards in Birkweiler from the Palatinate
Terroir of Birkweiler from the Palatinate
The terroir is unique and rare, since it contains many different types of soil such as red sandstone, shell limestone, Rotliegendes. And more importantly, their soil varieties derive from the transition area between the Upper Rhine and the Palatinate Forest. The special fractured clod at the edge of the tectonics plates provide exciting soil conditions, which can lead to a strong expression in the wine .
The barren soil forces the vines to search for nutrients in the ground through their roots . This tough survival behavior promotes minerality in the grapes and thus denisty in the wine.
Vines of Birkweiler from the Palatinate
Vines of Birkweiler from the Palatinate
Several passages in between the vine show great distance to ensure high quality, low yields for their selection. These Rieslings and Burgundies are often restrained until to their maturation and storage where they show true character.
Team of Gies-Düppel
Harvest of Gies-Düppel
White Wine Grapes of Gies-Düppel
Harvest of White Wine Grapes from Gies-Düppel
Soil of Gies-Düppel
Red Wines grapes of Gies-Düppel

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