Winery Baron de Ley from Spain

Winery Baron de Ley from Spain
Barón de Ley is situated in the Ebro valley, about 80 km southeast of Pamplona: an absolutely exceptional vineyard among the many bodegas in Spain. A huge fortress from the year 1548, built by a count and later managed by Benedictine monks. In the middle of the 19th century it became private property serving as the impressive company headquarters of Barón de Ley.
Castel Baron de Ley
The first vines were planted around the estate in 1985. Initially 70 ha with Tempranillo and 10 ha with Graciano, another 10 ha were planted experimentally. The immediate success in the 90s motivated the owners to expand their production and business.
The vineyards in between Rioja and Navarre are now as large as 219 hectares. The winery proved to be innovativ by planting the autochthonous grape variety Maturana. Especially since the altitude of 400 m above sea level and the Mediterranean climate develope an ideal condition for this almost extinct grape variety.
Vineyards of Baron de Ley
Vineyards of Baron de Ley in Cenicero, Rioja
Then old vineyards were bought near Cenicero (Rioja Alta region) with 100 hectares of vines for Graciano and Tempranillo enjoying the Atlantic climate with long winters, moderate summers and mild autumns.
In addition, the winery has acquired vineyards in the Rioja Baja region such as the Finca Los Almendros vineyard near Ausejo. This with a total vineyard area of more than 300 hectares, which is also the largest within the protected designation of origin "La Rioja". Sunny winters and hot summers allow the grapes to ripen perfectly.
Vineyards of Baron de Ley in Ausejo
Vineyards of Baron de Ley
The Garnacha (Grenache) feels particularly confortable on the 100 ha. And 10 ha have been planted terraced, which is a good example of the reintroduction of traditional viticulture in mountainous areas. Another 100 ha were planted with Tempranillo. Other verieties are Graciano and Maturana.
And finally, in the Carboneras region, where Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are cultivated on over 50 ha. They have added Tempranillo on an aditionell 6 ha. This vineyard is with the altitude of 840m above sea level not only the highest vineyards of the Rioja wine region but has also extremely mineral-rich soil with a pH value of less than 6. The continental climate enables the production of high qualtative wines giving the Rioja region new dimensions for white wines.
Vineyards of Baron de Ley in Carboneras
Harvest of Baron de Ley
Every year, Barón de Ley harvests about 850,000 kg of grapes manually. The meticulous final selection of the best berries takes place on two ultra-modern harvesting tables a
The wines mature first in barriques in the cellar.The former stables of the monastery stores a total of 15,000 new barrels made of American or French oak.
Barriques of Baron de Ley
Bottles in the cellar of Baron de Ley
The oenological team gives a particular singinificance to bottle ageing: Crianza wines are stored in optimally air-conditioned vaults for at least 18 months after bottling and before being sold, Reserva wines for two years and Gran Reservas wines for three years - a more than 4.5 million bottles.
The famous oenologist Gonzalo Rodriguez has been working for Barón de Ley since 1986 and impresses wine lovers from all over the world with his creations. Our conclusion: Barón de Ley was awarded "Spanish Wine Producer of the Year" in 2004 and 2007 for solid and good reasons - a top winery !
Oenolog Gonzalo Rodriguez
Vineyards of Baron de Ley
Grapes of Baron de Ley
Grapes of Baron de Ley
Cellar of Baron de Ley

Barón de Ley Reserva of Baron de Ley from Spain
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A harmonious and well-balanced wine with a ruby red colour. The nose is fruity and impulsive with hints of dark berries (such as blackberries and blueberries), fresh herbs, a spicy woody note and underlined by a hint of vanilla. Fruity, complex and supple on the palate with a taste of fresh wild berries and toffee.

Finca Museum El Perdiguero Barrica Cigales of Baron de Ley from Spain
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Finca Museum El Perdiguero Barrica Cigales


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A deep purple red colour. Balsamic and impulsive in the nose with a scent of red fruits, caramel, liquorice and vanilla. Smooth and intense on the palate with balanced aromas of dark fruits, oak and vanilla. A wine with soft tannins and a good structure.