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the decanting of wine

Karraffe und Dekanter
The pouring of wines into a carafe is called decanting. This is usually only necessary for red wines, which have a set on the bottom of the bottle (tartaric acid).
Wine tartar
By decanting, the wine is separated from the tartar (depot), which remains on the bottom of the bottle. In general, tartar is more likely to be found in older wines, as there is no sediment in young wines. Tartar has a rather bitter taste, which is why it should be separated from wine.
While decanting it is essential to ensure that the depot does not get into the neck of the bottle. If this is the case, decanting should be stopped immediately. You can solve these issues with a layman can.
Wine bottle
Wein Karaffieren
Caraffing is the aeration of wines so that a wine can develop its full aroma. Whether a wine should be decanted or aerated depends largely on the age of the wine. Young wines usually do not have a deposit yet. Carafing helps young red wines to become more accessible. This is done by combining oxygen with the acids and esters contained in the wine. Caution with old wines, since they could oxidize through the oxygen supply.
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