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Alvarinho 2014 of Quinta de Gomariz from Portugal
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Alvarinho 2014

€10.26 -30% €7.18

(9,57 € pro Liter)

This Alvarinho has a straw yellow colour with green reflections. The aromas of citrus fruits, orange blossom and honey on the nose. Creamy and balanced on the palate with a fine mineral note on the finish.

Arc-En-Ciel 2012 of Karam Winery from the Lebanon
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Arc-En-Ciel 2012

€24.62 -20% €19.70

(26,27 € pro Liter)

This wine has a pale salmon-rosé colour and an intense fruity scent in the nose. The palete is fresh and juicy with ell-balanced aromas of red fruits such as raspberiesy and strawberries.

Avesso 2013 of Quinta de Gomariz from Portugal
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Avesso 2013

€10.26 -25% €7.69

(10,25 € pro Liter)

Clear citrus colour. Fruity and pleasant on the nose with soft aroma of pear and mirabelle plums. Complex, creamy and pleasant on the palate with good structure and potential.

Chardonnay 2012 of Batroun Mountains from the Lebanon
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Chardonnay 2012

€16.00 -35% €10.40

(13,33 € pro Liter)

Pale gold hue color. Powerful and expressive nose of cooked peaches, dried apricots, butter, bread toasts, and Magnolia. Excellent body with mineral freshness and robust flavors emerging across the palate. It evolves ‘sur une plus grande amplitude’ with aeration, gaining tropical fruits and mineral notes from the terroir with a stunning intensity and aromatic persistency.

Cloud Nine 2012 of Karam Winery from the Lebanon
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Cloud Nine 2012

€15.39 -20% €12.31

(16,41 € pro Liter)

This crisp white wine has a pale yellow colour with green reflections and an aromatic bouquet of passion fruits, green apples, pineapples and grapefruits. The palate ist crisp, fullbodied and well-balanced, which turns into a long finish with a alively acidity, minerals and great depth.

Domaine Larroque 2015 of Beni M'Tir from Morocco
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Domaine Larroque 2015

€10.16 -10% €9.14

(12,19 € pro Liter)

Very beautiful nose, perfumed and very fine, with aromas of slightly acid and peppered cherry, with nuances of patchouli, as well as some light tobacco which is added after a brief stay in the glass. The mouth is still compact with tight and very fine tannins. The body is elegant and virile, with flavors of ripe cherry, accompanied with a subtle mineral side.

Espadeiro 2014 of Quinta de Gomariz from Portugal
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Espadeiro 2014

€8.21 -45% €4.51

(6,01 € pro Liter)

Light pink colour with a fine pearl. Tropical and floral on the nose with aromas of strawberries, passion fruit and guava. Rrefreshing, it has a good structure on the palate with a long finish.

Excomungado 2012 of Vale de Pios from Portugal
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Excomungado 2012

€10.26 -20% €8.21

(10,95 € pro Liter)

Deep ruby red colour. Expressive on the nose with aromas of dark blackberries complemented by a fine herbal note. Complex and full-bodied on the palate with firm tannins.

Maison 2012 of Karam Winery from the Lebanon

Maison 2012

€15.39 -20% €12.31

(16,41 € pro Liter)

This fruity and dry red wine with soft tannins was made out of handpicked grapes and vinified with special techniques.

Obeidy 2013 of Chateau Saint Thomas from the Lebanon
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Obeidy 2013

€16.00 -30% €11.20

(12,45 € pro Liter)

Very light color. Citrus fruits with mineral floral notes in nose with hint of sweet spices and white peach aromas. Refreshing, well balanced acidity with citrus notes in the ends. This wine was part of the lebanese mosaic project, which was developed to preserve indigenous grapes.

Parus Tinto 2010 of Herdade da Comporta from Portugal
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Parus Tinto 2010

€26.67 -10% €24.01

(32,01 € pro Liter)

Dark garnet color. Fruity on the nose with an intense aroma of red fruits. Balanced and round on the palate with fine notes of barrique note and firm tannins.

Pios Branco 2014 of Vale de Pios from Portugal
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Pios Branco 2014

€10.26 -25% €7.69

(10,25 € pro Liter)

The floral in the nose with aromas of white flowers and fruity (pear), complemented by a fine mineral note from the soil. Fruity, full-bodied and spicy on the pallet with a long and soft finish.

Pios Tinto 2012 of Vale de Pios from Portugal
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Pios Tinto 2012

€9.23 -20% €7.39

(9,85 € pro Liter)

Deep garnet colour. Complex aroma of wild berries, dark chocolate and spices on the nose. Fruity and full-bodied on the palate with structured tannins intense aromas of red berries.

Reserva 2012 Red of Comenda Grande from Portugal
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Reserva 2012 Red

€30.78 -20% €24.62

(32,83 € pro Liter)

A fine and complex aroma with nuances of dried fruit in the nose. Spicy on the palate with notes of vanilla, oak and spice. The taste is full-bodied and shows a large structure with velvety tannins and fine acidity. The finish is long, persistent, complex and balanced.

Rose du Printemps 2016 of Domaine Wardy from the Lebanon
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Rose du Printemps 2016

€16.00 -10% €14.40

(19,20 € pro Liter)

A fruity and fresh rosè wine with a bright and pale salmon pink colour. Explicit flavors of strawberries, cherries and caramel in the nose. Creamy, fresh and a lovely acitity on the palate with intensive notes of raspberry and peach.

Seven 2013 of Batroun Mountains from the Lebanon
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Seven 2013

€17.00 -35% €11.05

(14,23 € pro Liter)

Brilliant pale color with a green tint. This is a blend of seven grapes, it delivers a superb complexity and a wide range of aromas, a very intense nose of fruit, floral and greeny aromas of peach, guava, acacia, citrus, green pepper, mango, gooseberries. The Palate is fresh and crispy with a nice roundness in the mouth. The finish has a great intensity on the fruit and ends with citrus and herbal flavors.

Unoaked 2014 of Comenda Grande from Portugal
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Unoaked 2014

€9.23 -15% €7.85

(10,47 € pro Liter)

Light garnet red colour. Intense and fresh in the nose with aromas of red fruits. Full-bodied and fruity on the palate with soft tannins and a pleasantly fruity and long finish.